Employer Services

As a provider of supported employment, our services include job development and placement, on-the-job training, and all necessary continuing supports at no charge to the employer. Through regular contact with employers, ICW will provide the appropriate amount of training and assistance to each employee, ensuring quality performance.

Supported Employment Specialist (SES)

Supported Employment Specialist (SES)

Many ICW consumers will need some level of support throughout their entire careers. This looks different for everyone. Continual improvement in our collaborative work is essential to ICW's approach within a concept of "fading out". During the fading out process individuals become increasingly more independent in their work and steadily require less and less of an SES one-to-one service. ICW Program Coordinators (PC) communicate with employers and site coworkers, client support teams and SESs to meet the changing needs of our working individuals. As our consumers become more successful in their work, ICW continues supporting each individual at different levels through any combination of simply being present, using verbal and/or nonverbal communication cues and/or simply contacting the employer. PC conversations with employers about what is working for the site or what we can improve on allows ICW to assess and adjust our level of support, ultimately combining the needs of both consumer and employer so that everyone reaches a goal of successful employment.

SES On Site

An ICW SES is on site to ensure quality performance for YOU the employer, and to make certain that each employee has the training and assistance they require to do the job successfully. The SES will never interfere with your relationship with your employees or in the way that you conduct your business. SESs continually assess and adjust to the situation and are there to help with necessary skills and directions to accomplish tasks.

Natural Support

Co-workers play an integral part in our work. Depending on the level of support needed, ICW participants' connection to work is developed through employee relations. The employer/employee/co-worker structure is an important part of the work success stories we see every day. The natural mentoring and feedback in your workplace reflects on the job performance and skills our consumers learn and achieve. ICW values these Natural Supports!


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