About ICW

Founded in 1989 as a private, non-profit corporation, ICW has served Dane County for over thirty years. ICW’s person-centered employment services focus on individualized support in community-based settings. We tailor our vocational support by partnering with schools to reach new graduates entering the workforce and by developing lasting relationships with area companies. ICW’s Supported Employment Specialists are trained to respond to our clients’ needs as they move through their careers, volunteering activities, daily life, and into retirement. On any given day, our staff are supporting approximately 65 individuals at employment sites across the County. ICW is a proud leader in supported employment services, striving to make a positive difference in our clients’ lives and our community.



Executive Director
Cody Kruesel

Program Director
Allan Goetsch

Lead Coordinator
Bob Frame

Job Development Specialist VFPS Transition Coordinator
Teddy Montiel

Executive Administrative Assistant
Jennifer Pryor

Training Specialist
Jasmine Turner

Program Coordinators (PC)

Program Coordinators (PC)

Anna Kessler
Sandra Lane
Debi Spees
Jasmine Turner
Karen Hein
Sarah Reiser
Teddy Montiel
Tyler Kommer

Supported Employment Specialists (SES)

Michelle Arnold
Brent Bergholz
Robert Braam
Mike Carter
Nancy Cleveland
Jamie Cook
Angie Dickens
Rochelle Elliott
Anna Hashey
Velma Jammeh
Michelle Lindsay
Linda Lovejoy
Hillary Meicher
Sheila Moore
Makenzie Paris
Jayne Salo
Robbie Spiegler
Abdou Touray
Kesheria Walker
Thomas Wendt

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